A Few Words About Us

Global Real Estate Experts and Property Advisors to Owners & Investors.

Established in 1995, 0009 Properties is a leading provider of real estate solutions across both online and offline platforms. With a nationwide network of resources, the organization offers a wide range of premium services targeted at key communities, from end customers to builders, realtors and corporations with unique real estate needs. The main motive of its online practice is to make possible the long and often complex transactions involved in real estate deals with empowering knowledge. At the same time, the website stands between buyers, vendors and agents facilitating interaction and adding value to their business. With a big and growing database of buyers and sellers it empowers the business of every stakeholder in the property market.


Our team is totally committed to establish a legacy of creating opportunities, building relationships and serving others.

0009 Properties is primarily a tenant focused firm and offers a broad range of brokerage services. 0009 Properties will act on behalf of tenants to secure, sublease, or headlease space, to renew existing leases, or to exercise options within existing leases. These services include all real estate facets from assessing our client’s needs and market conditions, working through to final execution of documentation alongside the Tenant’s key representatives and their legal counsel. While we represent the tenant in these transactions real estate fees will typically be paid by the Landlord or Sub landlord. While some tenants feel they are capable of handling leasing transactions without the assistance of a real estate professional, it is important to note that all landlords have professional representation working directly for them who will be looking out for the landlord’s best interests. 0009 Properties acts as an independent third party working in the interest of our client, the tenant, from offer preparation to final lease execution and every step in between.


We listen to our client’s needs and act in their best interest.

In addition to our leasing services 0009 Properties offers brokerage services to both owner/users and investors in order to assist in the acquisition of office buildings, industrial properties, and land. Typically these properties are unlisted as there are a number of owners who will sell but would never list their properties for sale. We are proactive and approach owners for our clients to determine whether they would consider selling.

The majority of our investment activity for owner/users is a result of higher rental rates. Many firms are looking to leverage their tenancy and take advantage of the benefits of commercial property ownership while securing a suitable, long term, cost-effective home for their business.

We take a unique proactive approach to acquiring properties for our clients. While we represent clients in the acquisition and disposition of listed property, many of the properties purchased by our clients never come to the market. We focus our efforts on finding the right solution for our client and connecting the pieces together.



We meet commitments with urgency & expertise, and we execute on our responsibilities.

0009 Properties provides advisory services to firms who require a real estate professional to assist in developing a strategy or solution relating to a specific real estate need. There are times when a tenant does not need a broker, as a transaction will not necessarily take place. Similar to firms seeking accounting or legal advice, many of our advisory clients turn to us to provide insight and advice regarding the market.

Following a brief consultation to identify the client’s requirements, we will recommend the process, timeline and fee structure – hourly, project or transactional – as is best suited to the client’s needs.

In an advisory capacity, we help to identify critical corporate requirements, assist with planning relative to long-term real estate needs, conduct a survey of specific market sectors, review leases, provide information on recent transactions or space alternatives, or work on your behalf as an unbiased negotiator.